May 14th, 2013

Ass, Bitten

A former client wants to hire me to represent her in a real estate transaction with her former spouse.  She outlines the deal and I say, “That won’t work at all.  You can’t get someone to agree to that before you put up the money.”

I’m told that there’ll be no problems, and neither she nor her ex object to the unorthodoxy of the deal.  I take one more stab at advising her that if there’s another attorney involved, her imagined transaction will be DOA.

“There’s no other attorney and there absolutely won’t be a hitch,” she reassures me. Since it’s neither illegal nor unethical, I take the e-mail address of her ex and send along straightforward directions for how and where documents must be executed and delivered.

Two days later, two e-mails arrive. One is from the attorney for the ex, who blasts me, full-force, for my audacity in improperly proposing such a preposterous deal. And the other? It’s from the woman who hired me to make the deal happen, despite my counsel to the contrary. She’s angry that I “scared off” the ex and screwed up her master plan.