September 14th, 2006

It's hard out there for a Title Closer

I have a good friend who works as an independent Title Closer, accepting jobs from many different title and abstract companies. She has superior knowledge and excellent instincts for the job, yet she is hurting because of the lack of activity in the real estate market. And even when she gets called for a closing, her uncertainty that it will actually close is palpable.

Here is an e-mail exchange we had recently:

(Real Lawyer)What percentage of your closings adjourn, if you could guess?

(Title Closer)I would say approximately 10 percent which is compared to less than 1 percent in the previous years!

(RL)How are people supposed to make a living--especially independent contractors like you and other closers?

(TC)well our income gets cut quite a bit and we have to suck it in - or go walk the streets!