LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Cry Me A River

I currently have $4.11 in my wallet.  Some weeks this year I was flush with a couple of twenties, but mostly I had to scrounge around to give my son lunch money.   OK, we all know times are tough, so why start today’s blog with an oft-repeated whine?

Because I read a #$#%^&^%! story yesterday that made me so #$#%^&^%! mad that I am still #$#%^&^%! angry this morning.  Here’s the link:

If you don’t know, Marc Dreier is a piece of trash attorney that gives the majority of my profession a black eye.  He entered a plea of guilty in May for eight charges of fraud, money laundering, conspiracy and other criminal activities involving the theft of somewhere upwards of $400 million, and he received a sentence of 20 years at the age of 59.

In trying to get less of a sentence than the 145 years prosecutors sought, and (I guess) to appeal to the sentencing judge’s compassion, the NY Times reported that Dreier wrote a letter:   he began stealing in 2002, taking money from the settlement proceeds that were owed to a client.


He said that he had hoped to repay the money quickly. But instead, he wrote, he stepped into “a quicksand of spending,” and found himself “running a massive Ponzi scheme with no apparent way out.”


Prosecutors have said that Mr. Dreier earned about $400,000 a year before he began committing his crimes; Mr. Dreier, in his letter, said that colleagues and clients were doing “better financially and seemingly enjoying more status,” and that he felt “crushed by a sense of underachievement.”


See why my blood is boiling?  I waited 21 years to take out the $50 in personal funds I used to seed my escrow account so there would never be any chance of getting near a client’s funds, yet this cretin stole money legally due his clients simply because bringing home $400,000 a year made him feel bad about himself?  I tell my clients when they can do something themselves to save some bucks on my fees, yet this con artist was bilking everyone in his line of sight?


I always used to say “well, at least I can sleep at night” when self-justifying the difference between me and a crook like Dreier.  But if this #$#%^&^%! piece of #$#%^&^%! felt so entitled to a grander lifestyle than 400k can buy, I’ll bet he real slept soundly on his stacks of stolen cash.  Or spent a measly few dollars from his millions on prescription sleeping pills.


How petty is it of me to hope he suffers from a 20 year bout of insomnia?

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