LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Skip This If You Can’t Take A Joke

I have a former client who occasionally sends me the kind of lawyer jokes that make me groan.  I imagine he sends doctor jokes to his physician and his tax preparer gets accountant jokes, so I don’t take his barrage of bad jokes personally.  But this one did not bash my profession and it did sort of make me smile, so I thought I’d share it with you:

The real estate attorney wanted to send flowers to the clients who he had just helped buy a house.

The flowers arrived at the new home with a card that said: "Rest in Peace".

The homeowners were angry and called the attorney to complain.

The lawyer in turn called the florist and threatened to sue. The florist said:  "Sir, I'm really sorry for the mistake, but you don’t have much of a complaint.  The one that should be mad is the guy whose name is on the card at a funeral that says: "Congratulations on your new home!”


Have a wonderful weekend!  The Rangers are playing again tomorrow--let’s keep the energy (and goals) going!  And as for the Mets…


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