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Business Bottom Blues

In response to my recent HuffPost entry Working 9-5 Yet I Barely Make A Living I heard from a real estate-related business owner with a well-respected company his partner and he have built up over 20+ years.  With his permission, I am sharing our e-mail exchange, where he encapsulated so well what many are going through:

Business Owner:  You have expressed precisely what [partner] and I (and I'm sure many many others) are going through. We have been reinvesting our life savings back into our company, with what feels like hopeless optimism, that one day this too shall pass! So so scary!

Real Lawyer:  That is the point!  Is it hopeless to keep a business afloat?  Like you, I think not, yet I am often tempted to warn a client that has negative equity in a house:  don't you see how foolish it is to sink money into this when you are getting further behind all the time?  I don't say it, because the ramifications of that kind of advice are very bad, but I really think it more and more, and wonder why I am not applying it to my own business.

Business Owner:  I agree. I think we are more afraid of admitting that the end could be here than the consequences of ignoring it.


In response to the e-mail I received yesterday that said I’ve been a “real downer lately”, here’s a real estate joke for you:

A couple decided to sell their homes without a real estate agent. The wife placed ads in the local papers, spray painted a message on a sign board and posted it outside.

When her husband saw the sign, he started to laugh, and said her sign was the most truthful one he had ever seen. What did she paint on the sign?
   For Sale by Ower

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