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More, Or Actually Less

The client that borrowed the money last week that I’ve been blogging about this week called me yesterday.  Seem she didn’t get the money she borrowed, though checks were promised to be delivered to her by Monday the 16th…then Tuesday the 17th…then Wednesday the 18th… then again on Thursday the 19th.  Each day the story was a bit different from the lender’s rep (or the title closer, who still seemed to be the mortgage spokesperson), first blaming her for mentioning she’d be in New Jersey on Monday and Tuesday when the title closer wanted to hand-deliver funds, then being told on Wednesday there were “mixed signals” as to who would cut/deliver the check, and that someone would be sure to bring her the funds by Thursday night.

She was curious, she told me, as to what game the lender could be playing, and why?  I pulled out a copy of her paperwork, and saw that she was being charged almost $23 per day starting Monday.  So by Thursday, the lender had charged my client $92 without her getting the benefit of the funds.  Sound like a pittance?  Do the math on all the loans the lender makes (many of which are for more than the $163,750 my client borrowed, so the other loans have a higher per diem).  The numbers add up quickly for a lender with this reputation, I’m betting.

The lender keeps the money and gets the use of it for extra days while the borrower pays.  That’s more than a game, in my opinion.  That’s a blatant rip-off.

[Note:  I told her to mention “banking commission” when she called back to demand her money Thursday afternoon…sure enough, it was delivered to her by the end of the day].


Have a great weekend!  If you need as much cheering up as I do, take a look at all the spring training photos posted on-line.  Like this one: 



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