LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

You Gotta Get A Gimmick

There’s a whole lot of creativity right now, even if the economy stinks.  Here is what has come my way in just the last 24 hours:

  1. A client trying to sell his house is offering anyone who brings him a buyer $5,000.00, payable at closing.  He asks that I circulate his e-mail widely, and “have the would-be buyer mention your name”.  Since I’d be representing him, that’s a major conflict of interest, but for others on his e-list, what have they got to lose by circulating his “great house for sale at a reasonable price” e-mail far and wide? 
  2. There’s no secret here about my Democratic support.  But there’s no secret out in the general cyber-world either, where my contributions are of course documented (amazing what I compiled when I sent Hillary and then Barack $15 or $20 every time I could manage it).  So now I am getting phone calls and e-mails from fundraisers looking to “help Al Franken” or “raise money for the inauguration” from groups that are named just slightly different than the Democratic National Committee, like the “National Committee for Democrats” or “National Democratic Fundraisers”.  I’ve checked them out (the phones are quiet so I have time) and they’re not legit, just scams trying to make money without working for it legitimately.
  3. And how’s this for a gimmick?  Four different e-retailers I have purchased from in the (way distant) past sent me e-mails with the same general scheme:  oops, our site was off-line or our coupon link didn’t work, so as an apology, if you buy something in the next 24 hours we’ll give you free shipping or 15% off  or both.  Either they all have lousy web hosts or they use the same marketing firm, but you can’t fault anyone for trying to make a legitimate buck with a gimmick.
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