LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

The “B” Word

Have you noticed by now that I like to listen in on the conversations of others, not for gossip or dirt, but to spot trends and gauge the general climate?  So once again, everywhere I went this weekend, I tried to measure the general temperature of those around me.

I heard one word over and over this weekend, in various permutations.  No matter the context, the speaker always uttered this word with more than a tinge of derision or a trace of disdain.  The word was “budget”, and I heard it in:

Sorry, that’s not in my budget

The company has to slash 15% of the budget

I didn’t budget for that

I never had to budget before

They’re cutting the budget at work

The credit counselor needs to see a copy of my budget

I’m no rocket scientist, but it appears to me that those sagging shoulders you see all around you are people burdened by the weight of budgets.

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