LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Good Riddance

C’mon:  did you think I meant Johnny Mac & the policies of the W regime?*  No, this is a real estate blog, and so I need to get back to business.  I discovered yesterday from a real estate staging site that there are items in homes that are so “pre-recession” that some buyers actually consider them drawbacks to making an offer.  Such as:

Whirlpool tubs. Once a mainstay of American master baths, whirlpool tubs are rapidly losing popularity. Home owners say that they take up too much space in the bathroom, are difficult to clean and that the whirlpool feature is rarely used. 

Two-story entrance foyers. With more houses being built with nine-foot- high or even 10-foot-high first-floor ceilings, the energy-and-space -- hogging two-story entrance foyer is not seen as the necessity it once was.

Are buyers actually looking for homes they can afford to own and heat?  If they are, I am slightly optimistic that we won’t be returning to the “I want the most luxurious house at the lowest possible price” mentality that fueled the first part of the buyers’ market (followed by our current morass of nobody wanting everything) even though it may remain a buyer’s market for a very long time.

*OK, your first instinct was correct.  There is a double meaning in the title:  I’ve been doing the “President Obama” dance since last night!

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