LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

People Talking At Me, I Don’t Hear a Word They’re Saying

Yesterday it seemed like everyone I spoke with during the day wanted to talk politics.  That’s OK with me, as I never shy away from an intelligent, non-hated filled political discussion.

My very informal and unscientific poll of people who brought up the subject (or did so after I made a general disgruntled statement about the recession) found the following:

In New York

87.5% (7 people) supported Obama

12.5% (1 person) supported McCain


In Michigan

100% (1 for 1) supported Obama (“George Bush’s policies failed us big-time in Michigan and we won’t take it anymore”).


In Florida

100% (1for 1) supported McCain, and you know why?  “I don’t listen to anything any Democrat says.  Never have, never will.”  I needed the information she had to fax me, so I diplomatically didn’t pursue it, but for goodness sake, if you don’t listen, how do you learn?



Happy Halloween!  Have a great weekend.  If you haven’t fully made up your mind, learn a bit more about your local elections as well as the national one, and let’s go Rangers and Jets (and woo-hoo, as I write this, the Knicks are undefeated).

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