LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Scenes From A Closing Table

I had a closing last Friday, and here are my recollections/observations of each of the persons at the table:

Lender’s attorney:  doing lots of work then “seeing deals fall apart right and left when rates spiked” a few weeks ago; now is “really slow”;

Listing agent:  “making lots less money doing lots more work”;

Seller:  kicking himself for losing money on the investment house he is selling and mad that he moved to Florida and bought a house in late 2006;

Seller’s attorney:  now “doing lots of criminal work, which is thankfully available”;

Title closer:  though I know she works hard and has responsibility, I was a bit distressed to realize she made about as much money at the closing table as I did, though I’d been working on the file about three months;

Buyer:  got a seemingly great deal on a house, though he is taking a leap of faith that the value won’t fall anymore;

Selling agent:  now 60+ years old, said he’s “lucky to have a pension from his teaching career” or he’d be S.O.L.

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