LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

A Hat Full of Trouble

I had a closing yesterday with an attorney who was full of greed, inexperience, and sheer stupidity.  He didn’t hurt my client at all, but hosed his own client (a friend of his, no less) in a few ways, plus left himself subject to a malpractice and/or disciplinary charges.

Here are just two examples:  My client had a possible issue of a future tax liability that might find the Buyer charged $415 in 2010 (note I wrote “possible and “might”).  My client told me to go ahead and give Buyer a credit at closing just for everyone’s peace of mind.  I could start at 50-50 but was authorized to go up to the full $415.

Mr. Poorexcuseforalawyer sent me back a nasty email at the first offer to credit his client half.  When I went to $300 he insulted me and said he wouldn’t take “one cent less than $375!”  Done.  If the jerk had merely countered with “Why should we share?  Your offer to pay less than what your client may owe is rejected” he would have gotten $40 more for his friend!

What’s worse, from my perspective, is that this ass not only represented his client-friend, he accepted $750 from the mortgage lender to also represent it at the closing!  This is a conflict of interest that is not waivable at the closing table, as it means not only is he representing two interests, but he may also be responsible for presenting papers to his client that may one day be used against her to foreclose.  For $750.  Porexcuseforalawyer.


Have a great weekend!  See you at Shea tomorrow?  I may be in a seat that you’ve bought, because I can’t afford to shell out $869 to buy it!

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