LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

What I didn't say yesterday

Yesterday was not a day I wanted to post anything either irreverent or irrelevant to the tragedy of the day. But today I want to recall another event that happened on September 11, 2001.

I had a closing scheduled for that afternoon, and while the country was in chaos, my client called to say he had no problems postponing the closing (in fact, he'd prefer it). As many banks were not conducting wire transfers and the like as events unfolded, I thought that would be a perfect reason to adjourn. Alas, when I called the builder's attorney, a local lawyer I'll call "LL", he said: "Tell your client no f-ing way we'll postpone, as some fire in Manhattan is not our problem."

Charming, right?

I'll never forget those words...nor the total trepidation I felt driving to the closing while military planes flew overhead from a nearby airport. And I still silently curse LL for the insensitivity he showed both to the victims of that tragic day, and to the needs of the children of the parties' involved, as they had no parents available when they got home from school with a million questions and a trillion fears.
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