LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Show Me The Way to Go Home, I’m Tired & I Want To Go To Bed


Here’s one that’ll break your heart:  I got an e-mail early yesterday asking me if I had any clients selling their house and willing to hold a mortgage, as the couple contacting me had been kicked out twice from rental homes as the owners of the homes had, coincidentally, both been foreclosed on about three months apart.  So this couple has lived in three places already this year (currently with her parents) and wanted to buy a home, but knew their track record would make most lenders unwilling to extend them an affordable mortgage (no rent receipts and moved too often).  Here’s the kicker, wrote the woman:  We desperately need a place of our own.  Our four year old asked me yesterday “Why did we move again?  I never know where my bed is.” 



Have a fabulous weekend!  I’ll be at one of my favorite places, Shea Stadium, on Saturday, and attending a graduation party Sunday. I have to share that when I was at Shea Tuesday night, the place felt different.  More alive, more exciting.  More everything that was positive, a feeling that I can’t recall having since 2006.  I am therefore really looking forward to the game tomorrow!

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