LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

11 Things I’ve Learned In My Real Estate Practice*

*which may be applicable to your business or life, also

1. There is one hour every day when it occurs to everyone to call, e-mail and fax you at the very same time.  This hour varies from day to day, and the only way to predict when it will occur is to have to leave the office to run a quick errand or eat lunch away from your desk.

2.  If you are not expecting anyone, someone will show up.  And if you are positive no one will show up and decide to exchange your usual business casual clothes for shorts, a “Go Big Pelf” T-shirt, and flip-flops, many persons will show up.

3.  “This should be an easy deal” must never be uttered aloud by anyone, lest the forces of nature swoop down once again and create havoc in unexpected ways.

4.  People will flatter you and undermine you almost simultaneously, like the attorney who remarked on how much she liked working with me at the closing, then handed my clients her card on the way out.

5.  People will trash you and then ask you represent their family, like the agent who mumbled a few nasty words at a closing because I stuck to my guns and got my clients what they deserved after an extra 45 minutes (while he waited for his commission check), then referred his daughter and son-in-law to me.

6.  If you are asked to give a lecture, someone will show up who believes they know more than you do and wants to demonstrate that.  Leaving manners aside, you may know as much as me, but not more than me, or you’d have been asked to do the lecture, buddy!

7.  Clients to whom you give courtesy discounts off your fee invariably have the deals that take the longest and make you work the hardest (usually, it is the other parties’ fault, but nevertheless, you lose lots of money to help out close friends and family).

8.  If the phone hasn’t rung in hours, and you’re all alone in the office, go to the bathroom.  The phone will ring within 15 seconds, guaranteed!

9.  The attorneys who yell the loudest know the least.

10.  Courtesy doesn’t cost you anything, and listening rather than badgering often gets you what you want.  I cannot tell you how many times I just listened politely as counsel for the other party kept talking (attorneys love to hear ourselves) until they ended up negotiating against their own interest by giving me tidbits of information to bring back to my clients.

11.  A referral is the best compliment a client can pay you.  Don’t forget to say “thank you”!


I am taking off for a long holiday weekend.  The new issue of Boating Times Long Island is on-line at and at over 350 locations.  Have a wonderful and safe 4th of July!

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