LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Trouble In Three Rivers City

As the Pittsburgh Pirates are in to play the Mets this week, and I have suffered through two excruciating games with the Penguins already, I figured I’d see what is happening in their area, real-estate wise.

No surprise, really:  The Pittsburgh Business Times reports that “the number of foreclosures in the Pittsburgh region set a near record in the first quarter with 1,187 homeowners returning their keys to the bank.

The number of foreclosures was 6.9 percent more than the first quarter of 2007, 9.6 percent more than 2006, and 69.2 percent more than 2001.

The total number of foreclosures in the five-county region for the quarter was just two shy of the overall record, set in the third quarter of 2007.”

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