LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Oh, The Weather Outside Is Frightful

Living in the Northeast, I’ve had my shares of closings canceled or delayed because of inclement weather. When both sides agree and there are not a lot of deals piggy-backed on each other, a weather delay is usually neither a costly event nor a crisis for anyone.

There was a period for two years or so where it seemed every time I closed with one particular lender, it would be in Winter and a storm was certain to hit within a 45 minute window before or during the closing. My clients’ residences were always a variable, but the lender’s attorney and title closer needed to travel great lengths to attend these transactions, while the location was under 10 miles away from my office (a nerve-wracking 10 miles, but still better than Nora and Candi).

The worst weather incident I ever experienced was the cancellation of a closing scheduled for the midst of Hurricane Gloria. I didn’t cancel--the lender’s office was rightfully closed--but I still remember the grief I took from another Associate in the firm where I was then working. She did not practice real estate and referred her friends to me for their transaction. I called the clients and explained the situation, and of course they understood. But my colleague, their friend, had my home number and called me within minutes to ask me where I “got off” disrupting everyone’s plans! She berated me, saying I could have tried to find a driver if I was so worried about the weather and I should have tried harder to get the bank’s attorney to maybe close immediately so we could all get out of there “before the storm gets too bad”. She informed me quite haughtily that she had a reputation in her social circle to maintain and “didn’t want it to get around that [she] made an unreliable referral”!

When I informed Ms. Hot Head Who Can’t Read a Weather Map that I did not cancel, but the lender did, and I would not have jeopardized my safety as well as all the other parties to venture out “during a friggin’ hurricane” for $700 and/or her personal reputation, she backed down quickly and happily said, “Oh, so we have the bank to blame, right?”.

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