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Just In Time

I thought I’d tell you a story about a Thanksgiving that was especially memorable in my career. In late August about 15 years ago, I had clients who wanted to buy a house and insisted that contract language be inserted that “closing must take place the Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of Thanksgiving week”.

The Sellers’ balked at the clause and didn’t want to be disturbed that week, preferring to close a few weeks before or after. My clients’ insisted, and as buyers ruled at that time almost as much as they do now, the Sellers’ relented.

Each week from late September through early November Mrs. Buyer “reminded me” that the closing had to take place Thanksgiving week. I somehow vaguely had the impression it was a work/time-off related issue, so I never discussed it further, only reassuring Mrs. B that I had plenty of time blocked for her that week, and the Sellers’ attorney was well aware of her desire, also.

Title issues were resolved, bank demands were satisfied, and closing was set up for the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. If you had your window open that day I am sure you heard Mrs. B yell “HALLELUJAH!” when I called her with the date, time, and location for closing.

Closing concluded and sullen Sellers having departed, my clients and I were making small-talk as I packed up my briefcase. So, I questioned, aren’t you glad this all worked out so work wasn’t an issue?

“Work?” Mrs. B. was laughing hysterically. “This had nothing to do with work!”

Mr. B. shook his head in a loving way and walked out ahead of us. Mrs. B. elaborated: “You see, we’ve been married 20 years. And for 20 years his mother and my mother come for Thanksgiving and pick on everything. The decorating. The dishes. The food. Everything. But this year I have the perfect excuse when they start to pick away. I get to say What do you want from me?  I just moved in YESTERDAY!”


I want to express my true gratitude for the world’s best spouse, children, family, friends, clients and blog readers. I wish you all a healthy, happy, and humane Thanksgiving, and invite you to read two Thanksgiving columns I wrote last year:

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